Thursday, April 02, 2009

PJ 19 Food Planet - Petaling Jaya 24 hour hawker centre

Add: Lot 1, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya
Located: Near TOC (The Otomotif College)
GPS: N3 06.852 E101 37.662 (Unconfirmed!)
Opening hours: 24 hours :-)
Hawker centre: Over 30 stalls, serving a diverse array of food in a clean environment, both halal and non-halal. I observed dessert stalls, as well as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwan et al.
888 Food Planet situated in Section 19, far away from Housing area and near light industrial & commercial offices. The food court used to be an old paper factory. Now it serves as a convenient spot for workers around that area to go for lunch. They even have an indoor car park, as well as an outdoor car park.

Went with a group of friends for my first visit to this hawker centre, which operates round the clock. Only tried a few of the dishes, so I shall have to let the photos do the talking!

Sweet and sour pork with rice ... Char kuay teow ... Who ordered these?

Pork chop ... noodles?

My unexciting and forgettable, RM$6, Sweet and Sour "sauce" chicken chop rice.

T's Lor Bak, thanks for sharing mate. When do we head to Penang?

Rather bland and un-exciting Tong Suey, alas ... Soya bean milk and Tong Yuen.


Precious Pea said...

LOL...sweet and sour chic chop with the sauce served separately??? Well..portion is big tough. The pork chop noodle looks good...viet style rite?

Julian Si said...

Eggsactly... Eeep!

YOU are RIGHT about N's viet-esque pork chop noods, he quite enjoyed it me thinks. Didn't leave me any to sample anyway!!

:-) Happy TGiF!

Poesy said...

I agree the food there sucks but the wantan noodles were alright and I liked it that they have umpra and plum drink, usually can only find that in Penang. If you can find a better place for after tutoring gathering in future, please let us know. The thing is, it must be affordable with everybody and parking must be safe/simple.. We try to limit per head to about RM10 below for this and should not be too far from all 3 tutoring homes..

J2Kfm said...

forgettable sweet n sour pork ah?
wasted. cz from the looks of it, I'm drooling! :)

thanks for adding me onto ur blogroll. but Ipoh Mali?!! *_*
hmmm ...

email2me said...

The food here pretty expensive. I am working nearby and just patron them for 2 weeks and that's it. No more ... lol