Thursday, April 02, 2009

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh, PJ Old Town - Dinner, anyone?

Add: Jalan 1/10, PJ
Tel: +603 7785 1663
Opening hours: 5:30pm - 12:00am (closed on Mondays)
GPS Coordinates: 3.085387, 101.646935 (Unconfirmed, I don't have a unit!)

This is the 20+ year old Heng Kee, located in PJ's Old Town. My first visit here!

Interesting BKT joint, where you can order accompanying side-dishes eg. Kam Chum Koo (Straw mushrooms, much like Enoki), veges, mushrooms, yau char kuay, Tau foo Pok etc.

Light broth served with side-helping of Tau Foo Pok :-)

Thick broth with large high-quality chinese mushrooms ...

Nice stir fried "Poh lay sang choy" ... Large portion.

Pai kuat and Yuen kuat - Our choice for the night. Good quality porky stuff, but alas I am a Klang boy at heart... I prefer the thicker variety at Sam Mei of Pandamaran, or the more flavoursome Under The Bridge BKT, and certainly I felt this pales in comparison with the Original Teluk Pulai and the very popular Teluk Pulai at Taman Rashna Klang!
But as my friend WL once told me, "Every Klang lad has his favourite stall, don't diss other BKTs!". I agree!

Hmm ... how convenient. The restaurant served an extra bowl of soup, as all the dishes were served :-) Total bill for 2 pax was RM$35, which is decent considering the extras we ordered, i.e. veges, tau foo pok and mushies. seemed to like this BKT!
Located in one of the oldest parts of the city, this place is charming and vibrant. Brightly lit, spacious and clean, it's flooded with people at dinner time. The soup is a somewhat thin but tasty broth, which they are very generous with. The meat is always tender and infused with just enough herbal aroma. The intestines and stomach, mushrooms and tau pok are pretty good too. Service is prompt and pleasant at most times.

And considers this a perennial family favourite too!
Been eating at this place for the past 20 years and the quality still as good as before. That is why I have been going back for my BKT dosage at least minimum once a month. In fact, it was listed as Top 20 best BKT in Malaysia by one of the Chinese press. While I don't fancy the thick version from Klang, those who prefers the clear version should give this place a try.
... total damage was only RM66 for 6 adults. Can barely walk to the car after such a nice and satisfying meal.


Precious Pea said...

I agree with your friend. Everyone has got their own fav bkt place and luckily Hubby and I both heart this place. I like the fact they serve the meat+mushroom+tofupok individually. I very upset with those claypot version when they dump in lettuce. Spoil the taste of the soup...but of course that is my view.

I have yet to find a bkt place i like in Klang. Had in Taman Bekerley few days ago..this big corner shop called fong kiew or something like that...don't like it :(

Julian Si said...

Lucky you :-)

I am on "BKT rationing" at the moment, sparingly eating the wonderful stuff, ONCE PER MONTH.

Alas .. I wanna try the OTHER bkt at Old Town too, as well as Sg Way's. That will have to wait till ... May? :-(

Try Taman Rashna's (near Menara ING-Maybank) at the end of the Fed Highway, Teluk Pulai pottery bkt, ask them NOT to put in lettuce , or simply ask for "bowl type". Enjoy!

Precious Pea said...

Teluk Pulai pottery Bkt is behind the one (fong kiew) i went rite?

Julian Si said...

YUP, that's the one. I really do NOT like Fong Keow, much prefer Teluk Pulai Pottery BKT which is behind it :-)

Rasa has an old but good write-up about the area, and it notes that some of the popular BKT eateries in Taman Rashna include ... Teluk Pulai, Supreme, Weng Heong, Hock Lai and Fong Keow.

" Teluk Pulai Restaurant, recommended by a local, is probably the busiest. Owner Ng Hock Heng said his father learned the trade from a sifu and started a stall in Teluk Pulai in the early 1980s.
Five years later, Ng Junior opened the Taman Intan outlet while his father keeps the Teluk Pulai stall going."

Precious Pea said...

Ahh..ok ok..Teluk Pulai was closed on Monday nite we went so we tried the other one. It was sooo expensive. We ordered a side dish of nam yue pork belly and they charge us RM20 for that. I will try the Teluk Pulai next visit. Am going to explore that area this weekend..going back for the Tauhu Soup as well as to try the restaurant next door!

Julian Si said...

Funny enough that is similar to WHY and HOW I first (and it was the ONLY time!) went to neighbouring Fong Keow, T.Pulai was closed cos' it was late!!

URggggh... not my style of BKT!

ps - Enjoy makan.. TgiF!!!

J2Kfm said...

I've my own as well, in Klang, the Teluk Pulai's my pick, though some may disagree.

not as thick, but very flavourful with the rice+onion oil, and killer yau char kwai.