Monday, April 06, 2009

O&S Seapark - The good! Penang fare

Add: 55 Jalan 21/12, Paramount Garden, PJ
GPS Coordinate (Not confirmed): N3 06.469 E101 37.501
Location: Next to PJ Taman Paramount Caltex, and near to Seapark Post Office
Review: Funny coincidence, nearly a year ago to the day ... I had voted this the BEST breakfast venue in PJ!

O&S is a very popular kopi tiam next to the Caltex station, and not far from Paramount Garden's institutional Sunrise Duck. Be prepared to hawk over other diners whilst "queueing" for your table!

Penang Prawn Mee - Good, sweet after-taste. I like it, and C agreed! I do prefer the one at Lorong Loke Yew, KL which I awarded a "FoOTY 2008 Special Mention".

The masterpiece :-) C, who is a Penangite aka "Hokkien-Lang" agreed that this Kuay Teow Th'ng (What I referred to as Kai See Hor Fun / Shredded chicken noodles) was quite superb. A family favourite of mine for decades! Smooth hor-fun, delicious "crunchies" aka lard, and a wonderfully flavoursome sweet broth.

Penang-style Har-koh (Prawn paste) Chee Cheong Fun. C thought it was pretty good, but needed more Har-koh. Good penang lad!

Excellent Yong Tau Foo too. All in all, O&S is really excellent, and the food ranges from good to top-notch, perhaps it is evidence of "Survival of the Fittest" and bad quality food stalls had been weaned out over the years, by a discerning customer base!

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