Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sin Kee - Best chinese and western, Brickfields KL

Add: 194, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, KL
Tel: +603 2274 1842
Opening hours: 12 - 02:30pm (Lunch) / 05:30pm - 09:30pm (Dinner), closed on Mondays

History courtesy of Lyrical Lemongrass:
Sin Kee Restaurant in Brickfields used to be located in a wooden structure next to a petrol station along Jalan Tun Sambanthan. With progress and development, and the words KL Sentral whispered excitedly among the residents of Brickfields, Sin Kee moved to a shoplot across the road. Of late, there have been some positive refurbishments in Sin Kee. The restaurant now boasts a purple ceiling and orange lamps that create a warm and funky ambience to the otherwise old-fashioned chinese restaurant.

Description by
Foo Kei Chang started Sin Kee in a makeshift wooden building in 1969 next to the Shell petrol kiosk in Brickfields. In 1999, it moved into a shoplot because the government needed the land for KL Sentral.
Foo Kei Chang has since retired and passed the restaurant to son Man Eek. Sin Kee is still known for its Hainanese steamed rice. Its speciality menu also has local and Western influences.

I gathered L and FBB one day to try my favourite Hainanese Chicken Chop in KL, and it didn't dissapoint. Perfectly grilled chicken, delicious hand-cut fries and perfectly balanced tomato-based baked-beans gravy.

Our fave dish ... Recommended by the propietor / uncle, Rice & Stewed spare ribs with Potato. Great taste, served with soft-melt-in-mouth spuds.

Lift the "magical" red bowl ... and voila, steaming goodness! Yes, this is Sin Kee's "signature" dish, Man Fan.

Best described by Lyrical Lemongrass..
Mun Fan is a one dish meal. Plain rice liberally topped with big fresh prawns, squids and sliced fishcake in a darkish sauce of onions, covering a fried omelette, and lettuce to complete the picture. We usually request for sliced lup cheong (chinese sausage) to be added to the dish to make it sinfully good. The flavours from the delectable seafood, lup cheong and caramelised onions work together perfectly to create a sweet and savoury meal.

Plenty of wok-hei in the simply stir fried Yau Mak. Deeelicious.

Good value at RM$40 for all this , including desserts of Sea Coconut and Fu-chok gingko nuts barley tong sui.

FBB and L agrees ... we shall be back!!


Lyrical Lemongrass said... visited one of my favourite restaurants in Brickfields! Food's great, but service can be a bit slow at times, so we normally call and pre-order before going. Wei, next time call me ler.

Julian Si said...

Next time we go :-)

Service was actually quite fast cos' we got there 01:15pm ... past the "peak" mad rush hour!

Have a super week ahead..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..u nvr call me too!!! i m literally a stone throw away..

Precious Pea said...

Sure looks me also next time yah.

gracetcp said...

another signature dish u must try here is the steam fish with ginger (keong yong wan yee). Lovely!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I like the mun fan too! I've yet to try the chicken chop... ^_^

Lucky you got fast service...I always have to wait for 30-40 minutes! =(

thenomadGourmand said...

that's cheap for the food! and i saw gingko barley!! ohh my fav!
hhmm it does looks better than yut kee's ...

allie said...

The mun fan looks pretty interesting! Can I have one scoop please.. ? hehe

boo_licious said...

yums. It has been ages since I ate here. Used to be our hangout long ago when I worked in Dheights. We love the steamed fish and 3 egg custard I remember.

Julian Si said...

Joe - Ooops! CY aka FBB didn't tell me

Pea - I shall arrange a get-together, had no idea so many loved this place!

GraceTCP - Drool, yes, we saw this group sharing our table order this, looks scrumptious. How's life sans blogging?

B-Babe - Gotta join us next time, service gets faster past 1pm!

theNomadGourmand - It is better then Yut Kee's!

Allie - Sure thing! But I am having the rest...

Boo - Lets makan!! Didn't know they had the 3-variety-steamed-egg dish here ... Yummmm!

fbb said...

i'll be posting about this too....damn good la, thanks so much for lunchie. in fact, i might be going there for dinner tomoro night, as me & the brood are using our KL Hilton voucher for a free night stay

David said...

Guys...just a small correction here about the name of the owner. His name is Man Eek, not Man Week. Just for your info ^^

sharon foo said...

the owners name is Man Eek... not Man Week... wrong there..another things is the dessert dont have soya... its fu chok gingo nuts barley tong sui... lol... not very sure what fu chok call in english.... lol... thanks for writing something so nice... and nice pics too... **two thumbs up** ^__^

sharon said...

oh ya... its man fan.. not mun fan~~~ forget to tell u that... lol.... and the stew rice with potatoes is has a other name.. its pong teh chicken/spare ribs... nyonya dish from the lady boss (jane) family's secret recipe..
jus wanna share le.. nothing much.. :p

Julian Si said...

David and Sharon, thanks so much for the feedback :-) Corrected with pleasure!