Thursday, April 16, 2009

indoMie - Mi Instant, Mi Goreng

Special delivery from Jakarta ... Yeah baby!

Mmmh... Just like it says on the bag, "Bawang goreng, lebih banyak dan lengkap dengan saus cabe".

Getting ready...

Minutes later..



Precious Pea said... favourite instant noodle and it used to my staple when I was studying in Aust. They have one extra pedas...syiok!

Julian Si said...

Ditto! A staple food when I was in Singapore as well as the UK :-)

Extra pedas? Hmm.. I haven't had the chance to try that!

Sugar Bean said...

Haha, it's so funny. I just had Indo Mee just now and saw it in your blog. Yeah, it's very nice especially with egg!!

J2Kfm said...

IndoMie;s the BEST! been eating them since school days.

better than most extravagant dining options, i'd say.

normally cook 2 packets, sans side dishes.