Monday, April 06, 2009

Rotax 4-Tec 1200 Petronas-BRP Snowmobile - Sepang F1

As seen at the Petronas stand, during the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix :-)

Yes, its a SNOWmobile, with a 130 horse-power engine!

Rotax 4-TEC 1200 will be BRP's first high performance four-stroke snowmobile engine
and it will provide its customers with a more competitive product offering for 2009.
BRP-Rotax & PETRONAS rolls out high performance engine for snowmobiles
The engine which rolled out from BRP-Rotax's assembly line in Gunskirchen, Austria on
4 September 2008 marks yet another significant milestone for PETRONAS which has
been involved in the development of engine technology since 1997.

Jointly developed by both parties since November 2005, the 130 horse-power engine
known as Rotax 4-TEC 1200 brings Formula 1 racing and automobile technologies to
the snowmobile world.

The engine, which delivers the best torque in its class, is the first success story coming
from the flourishing technical partnership between BRP-Rotax and PETRONAS
established five years ago.

PETRONAS, a Fortune 500 company, is Malaysia's national oil and gas corporation.
Founded in 1974, PETRONAS has strategic business presence in more than 30 countries.
In fiscal year 2007/2008 (ended 31st March 2008), PETRONAS posted a net profit of
18.1 billion US dollars from turnover of 66.2 billion US dollars.

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