Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ler Seafood, Ara Damansara - Great fish head curry!

Add: B-G-22a, Jalan PJU 1a/20a, Ara Damansara
Where's Ara? Across the road from Saujana Golf Club, as you travel down the road leading to the "old" Subang Airport
Tel: +6017 586 4140
Located: Adjacent to Signature Photo Kiosk and Sedap Restaurant, same row as SeMo Hair :-)

Thanks to V for the treat ;-) Here's what the six of us enjoyed one evening. Even bumped into KN there, seems his office is nearby. KN likes the food here, recommended the "lai liu har" and described Ler Seafood as his "canteen" haha..

Signature dish, possibly one of the best Fish Head (in this case, we opted for fish slices) Curry ... Full of flavour without being too spicy. RM$28.

RM$20 ... Really good ham tan (Salted-egg) sotong. And, RM$16 for the Pork Ribs. Delicious!

Excellent tofu with minced meat on-top, silky smooth... RM$10. Stir fried veges with plenty of wok-hei, RM$6.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your recommendation. Bring more friends for the curry fish head. Hup Hiong Curry Fish head is the former name for our curry fish head. The founder for this curry fish head is a lady. who is my mom.


Julian Si said...

It is really delicious :-)

Tell your mum her cooking is fantastic!

ps - Semo's owner is my sis in law!

Anonymous said...

I just went last week. They have this new 3 Yolk TOFU which is special and taste great. (we normally only have 3 yolk steamed egg, not Tofu).

Silky smooth home made tofu with 3 type of yolk in the tofu, topped with minced meat stir-fried to juicy spendidness!