Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yik Mun v E&L - Best Chicken Chop in Tanjung Malim?

Went to visit Tg Malim again one weekend, and was over-the-moon to see both E&L and Yik Mun open for business, as E&L was closed when I last visited on CNY Day 3 . It was time for the definitive Hainanese Chicken Chop Shoot Out!

E&L's service is sloowwwww. It is also rather likely that they are not opened on the day which you visit, as business is done at a really leisurely pace!

What must have been a half hour wait for our chop ... was well worth it! RM$10 buys you a succulent, and lovingly charcoal-grilled piece of chicken chop, served with hand-cut chips and a dissapointing white cream-sauce. I find it hard to believe that at this price-point, it was served with 2 slices of toast and some really creamy butter.

We then quickly went over to the legendary Yik Mun, to have their version of Chicken Chop. On this particular occassion, the chicken was slightly dry, perhaps a tad over-fried (Unlike the grilled perfection at its less illustrious neighbour), but the sauce with a hint of Lea & Perrins and Oyster Sauce, and mashed potatoes more then covered up for it! At RM$13, it happens to be a little pricier then E&L's.

I have to say that E&L actually wins in terms of "chicken only", but in terms of the overall dish (Which after all is the purpose of this HCC @ Hainanese Chicken Chop shoot-out!) ...
Yik Mun Tanjung Malim has MY vote as BEST HCC IN MALAYSIA!

Whatever it is, whichever you fancy, this section of the old trunk road on the North-South, does have two of the finest chicken chop eateries in the country :-) Well worth a visit!

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