Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Justus van Maurik - Petit Panatella cigars

Thanks to T for my first golf-puff ;-) Found the Panatellas mild, easy with little after-taste. Integrity in the leaf holding together was average.

The “Petit Panatella” is the slimmer version of the “Sublime” panatella cigar of Justus van Maurik. It has the same great quality and its smooth character. Being slimmer and having nearly the same length as the “Sublime”, the “Petit Panatella” has a very elegant appearance. The cigars are packed in an elegant box.

Justus van Maurik (Amsterdam 16 August 1846 - 18 November 1904), or Justus van Maurik Jr. was a Dutch author and cigar maker. He was the grandson of the similarly named Justus van Maurik.
Justus was a typical Amsterdammer, he was first known as a writer of farces and humorous plays. In 1878, his first novel, Mie the porster appeared. Hundreds of stories followed. His readers knew Maurik would provide both a smile and a tear: a laugh from his witty depiction of human types, and a tear from his touching stories. Many of his books were illustrated by the graphic artist Johan Braakensiek.

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