Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rama V - Thai fine dining in the heart of KL

Add: 5 Jalan U Thant, KL
Tel: +603 2143 2663
Located: Opposite US Embassy, near Royal Selangor Golf Club
Opening Hours: 11am-3pm, 6.30pm-11pm
Note: Halal

Found this gem one evening, and I am glad I did as I have been on the look-out for authentic Thai cuisine in KL, for ages now. Too much of Malaysian Thai food is ... Malaysianised! What I found in Rama V was truly authentic, served in a romantic bungalow/house-like atmosphere.

The four of us liked the elegance of the surrounding, and the familiarity it breeds. Perhaps its the lighting, or perhaps its the rustic wooden flooring. No problems with the service especially the attentive and knowledgable manager. Pricing seemed to be higher then others, but the large serving size more then made up for it! A winner!


Crispy shrimp served with Sweet and Sour sauce, RM$24 ... Delicious and beautifully presented, check out the "yellow chicks"!

Traditional Thai Hors d'oeuvre, RM$22 ... Wrap up the chopped veges and dried shrimp in a leaf, and pop it in your mouth. The flavours simply burst into life. I liked this ... a lot!

Chor Ladda, RM$22 - Flower shaped dumplings stuffed with minced chicken. Delicious!

Spicy pomelo salad with shrimp, $24 - Always one of my fave dishes, wished there was more pomelo though. Nice variant served here with shredded dried coconut, packed a great flavour!

Tom Yam Koong, RM$38 - Largest river prawn I had seen for ages, which was juicy and tasty. The tom yam soup could have done with more spiciness, but I did love the flavour :-)


Pla Kao Sam Ros, RM$58 - Deep fried Garoupa with Chilli sauce ... Delicious sauce that perhaps was a mix of sweet soya sauce and chilli, went perfectly with the deep fried fish. Portions were generous, which is a recurring theme in Rama V.

Otak otak ala Rama V, RM$24 - One of my fave dishes of the night, tasty and beautifully balanced. Served "beautifully" as well!

Beef green curry, RM$29 - Packed a whallop of spiciness, beware! Good :-)

Fried morning glory with hot basil, RM$18 - "Pak Bung" (I remember from my Pattaya days) has long been my fave thai vege dish. Pretty good, but had slightly too much sweetness to it, and could have done with more "wok-hei" (Fire!).

Fried pineapple rice with coral shrimp, RM$25 - Good stuff! I had 3 helpings ;-)

We were stuffed at this point, but were so tempted by the array of desserts available when the waiter brought this "platter" to our table! Drooooool ...

Tab Tim Krob, RM$11 - "Water chestnut dumpling with Jackfruits in Coconut milk" ... A very popular waterchesnut in coconut milk dessert, my favourite of the desserts we chose.

Thai mango with Glutinous rice, RM$17 - Everyone's favourite, but I wish the mangoes were more ripe. I spoke to the manager who informed me they had just received this shipment of mangoes, wish I could go back in 2 days ;-) when they are ripe-ripe!

Steamed tapioca with Coconut milk cream, RM$15 - Popular dessert here, and surprisingly the flavours were delicate.

Assorted thai dessert, RM$11 - The heart-shaped jelly attracted me to this dish, interesting selection of dainty-little desserts including some stringy-egg in the middle!

ps. Here are a few more photos of what I was describing earlier, about the pleasant surroundings of this little oasis in the heart of KL!

Private rooms are available, I reckon this large room can seat up to 24. Its located on the exterior of the main dining-room in a separate Thai-style cottage.

We had a view of the pool from our dining table :-)


mimid3vils said...

I saw smiling face on the taro (I assume) in ur dessert~~

Anonymous said...

The dishes looks gd. I've been looking high and low for authentic thai food in KL. This place certainly looks worthwhile a shot.

worldwindows said...

This is gem. I remember eating one of those gigantic shrimp with long thick claws and was taught how to get the meat out.

Nyonya In The Netherlands said...

Oh, the shrimp are so cute!

I miss Thai food:/

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks very good!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

gawd i LOVE rama V! i tell ppl that and they are like.. waaaht? never heard.

this plc is so old.. when i came bk on hols fm studies it was THE plc to go.. v happy someone lks it as much as me! (has it been refurbished? those huts?)

Julian Si said...

Mimi - HAHAAAa.... glad someone noticed!! I was so surprised at the " :-) " too!

Cumi Ciki - Slurrrrrrrp! Lets go again one day soon :-)

Joe - Cheers buddy, see u soon.

Everyone else - Thanks for the nice comments, happy eating!

fatboybakes said...

wow, its still there hor, after all these years. i remember the food was good, but damn expensive. but from your description, it sounds reasonable.

fatboybakes said...

oh, i just saw ciki's post...hmmm, i didnt know she oso so old one....i tot it was around during "my heydays".

email2me said...

The Mieng Kum is hard to resist !

ck lam said...

The yellow chicks are so perfectly done and another one that I like is the blue flower shaped dumplings :)

Julian Si said...

YES! Mieng Kum , I completely forgot the name of that 1st dish. Thanks FoodPOI ;-)

FBB - We must go one day lah! Generous helpings, burp!