Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RM3 Cafe Express, Puchong - Deceiving signage!

Add: RM3 Cafe Express - Ground floor, 30-32A Jalan Puteri 1/4, Puchong
Tel: +603 8063 8748
Owned by: Blue Toast Kopitiam, who happen to also run Cave - Couple Cafe, SS2

We were drawn to this cafe in Puchong on a cold rainy day, when we saw "50 desserts" and "RM3" on the signage outside the restaurant. TSK TSK ... How misleading! There were 5-6 desserts, and they weren't RM$3!

The waiter also promptly FORGOT our order of "bom-something", which was probably for the best as the drinks were horrendously sweet. I'd stick to Yippee Cup (SS2) if I am ever in need of a nai-char or pearl-tea!

If you really must know, we had ... Pearl bubble milk tea (RM$3), Cincau milk tea (RM$3.50 - Horrid!), Cold caramel coffee (RM$3), Fresh lemon honey (RM$3), and Cincau Soya Bean (RM$3 - Eeep, do I taste non-fresh / Drinho soya bean!?).


Raymond said...

bwhwhaha i've been there too..although I've only tried 1 drink there, it was just as you said it, "horrendously sweet".

I'll rather pop into 7-11 for a coke than to visit this place lol.

Julian Si said...

Guess we weren't the only ones who were shocked at the amount of sugar in the drinks!!

Thanks for your comments ;-)

CUMI & CIKI said...

very bad ! signages that mislead should be banned! hehe

Poesy said...

How come you drank so many drinks???

Julian Si said...

C&C - Baaaaannnnn these guys!

Poez - Six of us, mah ;-)

laura said...

Yup, recommend Yippee Cup (SS2/One-U old wing) if you want to try a nai-char or pearl-tea!