Monday, April 20, 2009

Excellent Porridge in Singapore - Bedok North Hawker

Weekend of gluttony in S'pore began with a "multi course feast" in Bedokland, with Bro Sumo!

Singapore Meal No. 1 - Bedok North Hawker Centre
Add: (To be confirmed) Blk 85 Bedok Nth St 4

Chicken wings - Good start! We sat opposite this stall, which is supposed to have legendary otak-otak too. Perhaps next time...

Pei Tan (Century Egg) Porridge - Mega! Loved this ;-) Smooth porridge, with delicious and lean sau-yoke (pork).

Pork noodles - Pretty good, must be eaten piping hot!

More mee pok ... this time the chilli-konloh variety, Sumo ate it all ... too spicey for us!
Yes ... all this for 3 persons, for supper!
Pork satay - Really good! Tender, juicy but pity the peanut sauce was only mediocre.

Or Chien - Not up to my mark :-(


J2Kfm said...

wow. such big chunks of pork!
pity bout the sauce.

Lara said...

Really looks like you had a great feast.

CUMI & CIKI said...

im gonna ask you again, later about the peitan chok (or this sat!) see you:)

Julian Si said...

U going down south to Singapura, C&c? Lets chat on Sat!