Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gaga Garden, Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium Car Park

Add: Gaga Garden - National Stadium, Bukit Jalil Car Park F
Parking: If you spend RM$30, the RM$2 parking fee is refunded
Tel: Simon +6012 497 1474 or Gerry +6016 3921 120
Opening hours: 5pm - 1am (Closed Tuesday fortnighly)
Note: Pork free (Halal meat source) , large screen Astro available showing WLT / ESPN football etc.

Promotion! Mention and there's a 20% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed ... Brilliant!

In its 5th month of operation, Unc J brought us here one night, and boy were we pleasantly surprised at the "park-like" setting, relaxed atmosphere, good service, excellent food and super value! Gaga Garden started off as a road-side eatery in Sri Petaling serving western food, and have expanded to this location, at the end of Car Park F opposite the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium.

My fave ... the first dish, which we ordered twice cos' it was so good ... Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Cutlets, RM$12. Beautifully balanced and mild black pepper sauce, and good quality lamb.

Various varieties of chicken chops were available, all around the RM$10 mark. Great value!

Cheese-honey chicken chop, a wee bit sweet but tasty nonetheless.

Steamed fish head ... Didn't expect this to be so good, an interesting change from the grilled and fried dishes!

Portugese/Thai stye Kai-fish ... Lovely firm fish, with a delicious sauce.

Grilled salmon, RM$15, with fried garlic bits, was fresh and well received!

Jumbo sausage, RM$9.50, was tender, again served with a generous portion of crispy and delicious french fries. Chicken wings were steaming hot off the fryer, RM$8.
E whalloped all the Fried Calamari, no complaints!
We loved the coleslaw (RM$4) so much we ordered a separate portion, the chef told us it was made fresh daily! This large portion of garlic bread with real garlic pieces was only RM$3.50!
Overall, it was a really good experience, especially when the RM$170 bill arrived for the six of us, which included all the above food and a few large bottles of Carlsberg! A nice restaurant, serving tasty western food in an open-air atmosphere. Brilliant!


The Yellow Robot said...

Is this place new ? Didn't notice it when I was working in Bkt.Jalil (2003-2005).

Julian Si said...

New-ish ... been around since late 2008 ;-) ENJOY, bro!

Jo said...

Hi great blog! :)

Do they have rice with other dishes as well to complement the steamed fish head?

Julian Si said...

Yup they have rice too, but we were simply too stuffed to have any that nite!! :-)


feichai said...

So is the 20% still valid? What's the deal? You top up the 20% ah. Thanks for the info. We're planning to head there tonight, Mika and all.

Wooi Sor Lou #2 said...

Hi Julian,

I am organising a party at Gaga soon.
I wonder I could use some of the images (Gaga Garden) in facebook event as references and of course there will be a clause where are these images from & a link to your blogspot.

Please advise.


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