Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Club, Bukit Utama - 9 hole golf

This is Bandar Utama's 9 hole golf course, called "The Club".

The course has improved tremendously, especially the new facilities (clubhouse, pool, restaurant, parking area), BUT the greens are still un-even and poor. Overall, it was still good fun. We paid RM$73 each (3 of us) for buggy, green fees and insurance.

D and T, my playing buddies
Remember the old "clubhouse", by the little car park ... brings back memories of my early rounds of golf in M'sia!

T is his name, TM are his DRIVERS! A "Draw" Burner (should have seen some of the miraculous shots he hit towards the trees on the right-side of the fairway, shaving the leaves, and drawing back on-to the fairway! Nuff said ...) and a R5 Dual. Nice!
The short wait on the famous seventh hole, the elevated Par 3 tee-box. Played 160+ metres on the day.
A few more shots of the rather spectacular Par 3 seventh, I hit a flush 6-iron short grrr (Chip + 2 putts = Bogey 4) ... But D got it on with a 7-iron.

T fires one...

View of Damansara Palace chinese restaurant from the 9th fairway
Path to the final /9th green...

The very nice new clubhouse and tim-sum-less chinese restaurant

Time to head home...

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like a cheap enuf option for me to start back golf..hmmm