Sunday, March 01, 2009

House of Tang, One Bangsar - Tim Sum

Add: House of Tang - One Bangsar, 63B Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru, KL
Tel: +603 2282 1111

A hit and miss experience on my first visit to House of Tang. Some of the dishes were good, others were forgettable. But, at RM$40 per head, I would expect a lot more!

Homemade Fish Ball - RM$5.80
and the Poached Homemade Beef Ball - RM$5.80

Siew Long Bao - Poor! Where was the "soup filling", look at how FLAT it looks! RM$6.80

Rice roll (Cheong Fun) with Prawns, RM$6.80
Rice roll (Cheong Fun) with char siew and sweet corn, RM$6.80
These were hardly spectacular, but OK!

Char Siew Pao - RM$4.80. Decent!

Siew Mai with Fresh Scallop - RM$6.80
Duh, where was the scallop. Again, overly "fancy" and lacking in .. substance!
What dissapointed me the most was how House of Tang struggled with the BASIC timsums, the lor mai kai was so BLAH! Bland, tasteless, and the rice was undercooked ... poor! RM$5.80
Stir fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce, RM$5.80 - Decent! Phew...
Char Siew Chan Bao, pretty good! But I so miss the ones from Ho's Bakery in Manchester Chinatown! RM$6.80
On to two of the more exotic dishes ....
Unagi Puff with BBQ Sauce, RM$6.80 - Pretty decent, but couldn't really taste the unagi/eel!
Oiley! Red Rice Roll / Cheong Fun with Prawns, RM$6.80

Time for desserts!
Egg Tart, RM$4.80 - This was enjoyed by all, due to the flakey light pastry
Double boiled Hasma with Lotus Seed, RM$11.80

Glutinous rice ball soup, with black sesame filling - RM$9.80. Not worth the money, with a weak ginger broth. Tsk tsk..
Mango pudding - Rather decent too, RM$5.80
ps - Whilst the meal was hardly spectacular, it was a lot of fun meeting up with L's ex-colleagues for yum-cha, what a fun bunch!
Expected a LOT better a quality for RM$40 per person, I much prefer the following timsum venues ...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh n to hav seen a totally diff review in 1 of the newspapers..sigh..

fatboybakes said...

wah, how come you eat so expensive ah? i think we got away with like RM28 per head the last time.

Julian Si said...

Joe - Sigh :-(

FBB - One of the crew, Mr B, ordered and ordered... heh heh, he was having Char Siew Chan Bao and Cheong Fun whilst we were havin our mango pud:-) RESPECT! I like :-)

Jackson said...

RM 40/head is really expensive....