Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Madidir 2

Site: Madidir 2
Stats: 11.34am, 66 mins, 5.4m deep (Who says you have to go DEEP to see cool stuff?)
Critters: Seahorse, lots of imperial shrimps on sea cucumbers (Oops, Wikipedia describes the fella as an Emperor Shrimp!), porcelain crabs, devli fish, comensal shrimps and more.

There were so many Cockatoo Waspfish waiting to be photographed ... I only shot a few of them :-) we are truly SPOILT at Lembeh!

Heh heh, hermit crabs are cool!

Hello grumpy devil fish!

Beautiful Coconut Octopus hiding in a coca-cola bottle!

Another cool crab! Master of camouflage...
Gorgeous strips ... Porcelain crab.

Now, now ... what would these be!?
Nemo eggs ... yes, CLOWN FISH! Check out the very VERY little pairs of eyeballs ;-)

Camera: Canon G9
Housing: Canon WP-DC21
Lighting: Sea&Sea YS-110
Buddies: L, E, YT, R, A

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