Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun Yin Loong kopitiam at Kota Damansara

Located: Sun Yin Loong @ Opposite Pappa & Pak Li Kopitiam
Add: Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara, PJ
Thanks to Masak-Masak and L for reminding me about the name of this place!

There are many kopitiams at the "newish" area of Kota Damansara (Take the NKVE, the next exit AFTER Damansara when heading from Shah Alam - KL), and I found ANOTHER unspectacular one ... didn't even check out the name of the shop!

Simple "combo" meal of noodles with fried egg and curry "chup", and a small bowl of "tong suey".

Kampar noodles - Average!
Coffee ... "I love the white coffee here, it is the closest thing to the mind-blowing version they serve in their Ipoh oulet probably because they use the same coffee powder."
Spaghetti ... "Generally, all were good - the fried spaghetti was al dente and aromatic since fried with herbs. They do a version with luncheon meat or bacon."
Porridge ... "The porridge place is also good - smooth porridge and noodles topped with very sinful crunchy intestines."
Curry mee ... "I quite like the curry noodles too; topped with roast pork slices just like Ipoh."

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