Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Batu Sandar

Site: Batu Sandar
Stats: 9.02am, 60 mins, 24.3m deep
Critters: Thorny seahorse (A pair of them!), orang utan crab, and an arrowhead crab that looked like a ... green leaf! Well done for spotting this, YT!

CONGRATS YT :-) It's your 100-th dive!

Thorny seahorse ... Nice!

Only one other shot, a cool Cowfish, just before the "OK/ENTER" button on my housing decided to "jam". Strange ... This happened to my WP-DC21 Canon housing only when I was at depths of beyond 16m. When I came out of the dive, I managed to clean it up, loosed up the button, and it was OK on subsequent dives!!

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