Monday, March 30, 2009

Hao Jie crab roe Steamboat, opposite Jusco Kepong

Add: Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2, Kepong
Located: Opposite Jusco mall

Thanks to VY for the recommendation ... one of the better steamboats in Steamboat-town aka Kepong!

Communal eating ala steamboat is great fun!

VY recommended mixing some fried shallots in the chilli sauce ... it works!

Fried bits and pieces ... a good "appetiser" whilst waiting for the cauldron of steamboat to boil!

Crab roe ... so colourful! RM$79.
Crabs ... before and after! Really fresh, RM$66 per 2 kg.
ps - Hope everyone had more luck celebrating Earth Hour then we did, the propietor of the restaurant had not heard about it and even when she did ... didn't want to switch off the lights! As a small contribution, we each switched off all lights in our home, and I even had my FB-gadget and Nokia ... off!


Mandy's World said... come i stay near there donno gt crab steamboat? hehehhe must try ! must try !

worldwindows said...

The roe in its glorious colour. Mine this one beats the best fish paste style steam boat for richness and sinfulness.

Julian Si said...

Mandys World - Enjoy :-)

Worldwindows - I was rather surprised at how VIBRANT the roe colours were!!

Vivien said...

hey the crab is quite reasonably priced.