Monday, March 16, 2009

Our dive kakis at Manado's Lembeh Straits

Having fun under the seas of Lembeh :-)

My dear buddies...

Steady now ... shooting a giant frogfish ;-)
Canon G9 housed in a Canon WP-DC21, with a single Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe.

Just chilling out after another super dive...

Congrats A! Your 100th dive :-)

Congrats YT ... a century of dives logged!
The boys with our super guides / Bastianos Lembeh divemasters :-)


CUMI & CIKI said...

is that truly the red of her hair! the color is cool.. and coke under water.. lol.. did the bottle compress as you went into the deeeeeeeep? (eh.. is my physics correct.. muahahaha)

Julian Si said...

Haha... Nupe, just the lighting! You saw L last nite didn't you, not a hint of RED :-)

Coke .. heh heh ... we found that underwater actually! The can didn't compress!