Thursday, March 19, 2009

Veng Soon, PJ Old Town - Claypot Chicken Rice

Add: No. F19, Jalan 1/21, PJ

Here's our RM$30 dinner at Old Town PJ tonight ... Claypot Chicken Rice which was simply mediocre (Eeep, huge chunks of Ham Yee aka salted fish, thought they usually mince this up at other restaurants!!!?), and Poh Lay Sang Choy. Our soups are listed below :-)

I was wondering today, who thought of putting together Claypot Chicken Rice and "Tun Tong" (Boiled soups) ... hmmm, L reckons it is cos' many people don't have the luxury of having soup at home (i.e. living away from mum, etc), and this was a way of meeting that need. I agree!

The "pig stomach" soup on the left was disastrous ... more like "pepper water", but the "coconut chicken" soup on the right was delicious!

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