Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bunga Raya and Heap Seng - Historical barbers, Tanjung Malim

Whilst driving through TM (Tanjung Malim)'s city centre .... the "muhibbah semangat" (multi-racial diversity and cooperation) was clear to be seen at Bunga Raya and Heap Seng, two barbers which have been operating since (what must seem like!) the dawn of time ... I love this town!


sidney said...

i remember this place so well... the indian barbers. haha.. also located directly across from another one of the Leon Yew store.

Julian Si said...

I need a haircut :-)

Have you had your hair cut there before!? Cheers... good to meet you online!

ps - So glad you enjoy my TM posts!

sidney said...

I'm actually in canada now.. haha.. not australia. I've only had my hair done there once or twice, but i only liked getting my haircut there because of the long waiting time cause i enjoyed reading the "LAO FU ZI" comics while waiting =)

Julian Si said...

Oops! :-) I stand corrected!

Ah, I was just talking to a dear Tg Malim-er recently about Lao Fu Zi! Coincidence...

Have a good day, thanks for dropping by my blog again!

ps. Will be updating with more sights and (uh...) sounds of TM this Sunday when I visit!!