Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Serena

Site: Serena, another new site that we didn't go to 2 years ago!
Stats: 2.56pm, 57 mins, 18.5m deep
Critters: Nudibranches, Banggai cardinal fish (both adults and juveniles), junior barramundi cod (so cute!), decorated crab, various devil fish, porcelain crab ... and an amazing black/white frog fish!

Scarey looking little fella :-) a juvenile scorpionfish!

Cool nudi :-)

Check out this guy!

Eye ball close-up! No zoom, just cropped :-) Canon G9 rocks!

More wonderful creatures ... tiny, oh so tiny!

Gorgeous tiny porcelain crab :-)

Spiney, thorny, lethal ... fabulous!

Spotted under a staghorn coral ... an amazing Frogfish!

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