Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wonder why the Tim Sum standards are slipping at Reunion in BV2?

Add: 2F, 18/19, 2nd floor, Bangsar Village II
Tel: +603 2287 3770
Review: My previous glowing review of this place!

The char-siew pao is still magnificent!

Really tasty Woo-kok with beautifully light pastry, and the Lor Mai Kai has maintained its high standard too.

I am glad the Porridge (Pei Tan Sau Yuk) and Beancurd skin is still good too :-)

I didn't try the Fung Chau aka Chicken Feet, but our dear co-eaters didn't seem to complaint :-)

Decent ... but no longer spectacular! The chee cheong fun :-P

Again ... simply decent. The Carrot Cake with XO Sauce, and Fried Rice. Didn't try the other items ...

What REALLY dissapointed me ... the Hokkien Mee. It was bland, tasteless and lacked "life"! How sad ... when it was once THE BEST in town. When I told the Manager, he promptly replaced it ... And the 2nd plate was better, but no longer "the best"!
Can you tell which photo is the first and second plates?
On to the portion where I describe the sub-par service ... sigh!
We asked for egg-tarts, waited over 25 minutes, constantly reminding the staff, and it was only then they told us it was SOLD OUT. Not acceptable! I do wonder why the service levels, as has the quality, gone down ... Hmmm, should I give Reunion another go?


Vivien said...

Left Hokkien is the second plate as it is more black.. hehe

Julian Si said...

Hmmm, perhaps that was caused by inconsistent lighting!! :-) Only my TUMMY knows!!

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that REUNION standards are dropping especially the Hokkien Mee, Chee CHeong Fun ( skin too thick and lacks oomph). I had dim sum with my wife and order the Hokkien Mee. Imagine, while all the dim sum arrived pretty fast and within minutes the plate of Hokkien Mee arrived. How on earth, both of us going to enjoy our dim sum and by the time we eat our hokkien mee, it will be cold. I send it back and asked them to serve it later. I was visibily irritated by their inconsiderate and timing of serving the hokkien mee