Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Police Pier 1

Our 17th and last dive at Manado's Lembeh Straits ... Brilliant time with the Bastianos crew and our dear dive buddies.

Site: Police Pier 1
Stats: 3.27pm, 50 mins, 19.5m deep (Some current on the first half of the dive)
Critters: Banded pipefish, Juvenile Barramundi cod, Flabellina nudi and a large school of Benggai cardinal fish at the end of the dive.

The finalist of the "best eye" contest between R, E and me!

Yes, this is not zoomed in. Just cropped :-) Sized at 100%, shot with a G9 on 12 megapixels. As close as I could get to a puffer fish!

More nudis!

Gorgeous orange frog fish!
Another frog fish .. spongey orange colour!

Smaller then my small finger-nail! As seen on a starfish ...

Remarkable ... BLACK frog fish!
Awww... pretty!

What do we have here on a sea cucumber...

A perfect end to a perfect dive trip :-)
Camera: Canon G9
Housing: Canon WP-DC21
Lighting: Sea&Sea YS-110
Buddies: L, E, YT, R, A


CUMI & CIKI said...

yea man.. looks like the creatures of the sea really came out to play.. with julian si and his camera.. lucky u! some ppl nvr get to see a thing really.. :P

fatboybakes said...

i dun remember seeing so many frog fish in lembeh.

Maria said...

Hey. Thanks for the post. Was searching for sites to go to at Lembeh and found this. Will be going there this coming weekend! Can't wait to go there and search for all of these!

bayu said...

hi Julian..!!

Thanks for your last I can put as much as I want - pictures on my blog.

BTW last shoot in these post; AFAIK - thats the most rare fish in those area- sulawesi endemic fish

thank bayu

Julian Si said...

Thanks all of you :-) Happy Diving, and glad I got FBB so jeles!!