Tuesday, March 17, 2009

KL - Manado - KL on Air Asia AK1030 and AK1031

Flight: Air Asia AK1030
Time: 6:20am - 10:20am (Yay, on time!)
Route: KL's LCCT - Manado

Pak Naseer's nasi lemak, best dish on board Air Asia flights!

Early to rise, to catch the earrrrly flight ... Yawwwwn :-)

And on the way back...

Flight: Air Asia AK 1031
Time: 11:05am - 03:05pm (Nearly an hour late departing, but the pilot made up some time ... zoom zoom in the air!)
Route: Manado - KL's LCCT

Soggy hot-dog, cos' they ran out of Chicken Rice ... bah!

View from many thousands of feet UP in the air!

ps - Lessons learnt!
1) Buy luggage allowance (15kg) on-line when booking
2) When diving, purchase additional sports-bag package at RM$40 from Air Asia, sure beats the RM$20 per kilogramme of additional weight!

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