Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Tanduk Rusa

Site: Tanduk Rusa
Stats: 3.29pm, 60 mins, 17.0m deep
Critters: Orang utan crab, scorpionfish, pipefish, imperial shrimps, porcelain crab, more snake eels!

Gotta love them nudibranches :-) The fella on the crisp packet is laying eggs!

Ah Siang would have loved to stroke his chin!

False stonefish :-)

Aww... little fella!

Up close and personal!

Do I look like an orang utan to you!?
A face only a mother could love!
Bright colours


Imperial shrimp and a crabby on a sea cucumber ... yes, I no longer "simply shoot the sea cucumber"!
Camera: Canon G9
Housing: Canon WP-DC21
Lighting: Sea&Sea YS-110
Buddies: L, E, YT, R, A

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