Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delicious charsiew - Seng Kee Kitchen, Taman Desa

Add: 61A Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa, KL
Tel: +603 7981 6136
Located: Taman Desa is located off Old Klang Road
Opening hours: 09:00 am - Lunchtime

Few "new" restaurants wow me these days, this was one of those rare occassions. Thanks to MY and SY for the recommendation ;-)

The roast meats here are fab ... good duck, great chicken, excellent char-siew, and I've been told the Siew Yoke (Roast pork) is great too.

Inclusive of delicious fragrant oil-rice, the meal came up to a little more then RM$11 per head for the 8 of us. Fab!

We shared a few "pots" of soup, the Herbal Chicken was espesh good.
Choy Keuk aka Preserved mustard greens wasn't "powerful" enough i.e. wasn't sour enough. But it was still reasonably good.
Roast chicken? Roast duck? Yummy!
The star ... Char siew!
The restaurant refers to this rather average caramelised custard as "Tun Tan" ... Well I thought it was rather average, but everyone seemed to enjoy theirs! I miss the one at Ipoh's Kong Heng and Thean Chun

ps. Look who joined us at lunch! This pincher's name is ... Coco :-)

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Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of Seng Kee too! The recipe of the custard origines from Ipoh too because the lady boss comes from Ipoh. ;)