Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hae Sien Tien - Seafood and Chinese food at Bitung, Sulawesi

On our last Saturday at Manado, we got Bastianos to ferry us across to Bitung to have a "seafood" lunch... this is Hae Sien Tien, recommended by our divemaster.

Hey... these items are NOT FOR SALE! :-) Heh heh...
"Pakai sendiri" translates to "Used by this restaurant"

The famed ... Loh See Pan. Delicious steamed in soya sauce. This would have cost many hundreds of ringgit in KL!

Air jeruk - Sort of like a kalamansi drink or "thai oranges"... Refreshing!
The crackers were TERRIBLE though, under- or over-cooked... Take your pick!

Excellent simple fried rice!
Strange fried rice with cheese over the top...

Japanese tofu on sizzling plate ... Pretty good, but was that because we were starving from the slow service?

Kung Poh Chicken ... eeeep. Terrible sauce, and so much batter (This would be a recurring theme!)

Deep fried sweet-sour garoupa ... TERRIBLE! So much batter, and tasted terrible.
What a waste of reasonably fresh sea-food, sigh ... and no lobsters available too. Would never recommend this restaurant ever again! Can't quite remember, but I think the meal came up to about RM$140 for all of us (6 pax).
ps - They charged us extra for "deep frying" the garoupa, but did not tell us up-front when we ordered... tsk tsk. Bad service! Bet they didn't figure I would publicise this on my "little" blog.

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