Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Compreng at Night

By far the most prolific night dive to date!! What an adventure ... all these mad critters :-)

Site: Compreng (Wow! Another new site ... our only night dive this trip)
Stats: 6.07pm, 65 mins, 12.5m deep
Critters: Just about everything we hoped to see on a night dive, shrimps, crabs, octopus, squid, and more! Lembeh is brilliant by day, and magnificent by night!

Bobtail squid ... magnificent! The highlight of our dive ...
Heh heh ... a shy Hermit Crab!

And another little crab...

Was trying to shoot some shrimp hiding behind this guy, who was drawn to L's torch :-) heh heh... Normally extremely shy, I was surprised I managed to get so close!

Crocodile fish with lovely colour and texture, a first!

Cute Joruna nudibranch
Love them nudis!
Different shrimps!
Two very strangely decorated crabs!

Fighting crabs!

Long arm crab ... the first I have ever spotted! Love these night dives...

Pure bliss ... a magnificent Coconut Octopus!

Camera: Canon G9
Housing: Canon WP-DC21
Lighting: Sea&Sea YS-110
Buddies: L, E, YT, R, A

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