Monday, March 02, 2009

World's best Glutinous rice balls aka Tong Yuen, Econjaya Port Klang

Featured on: The Star - February 2009
Located: Roadside stall next to Econjaya
(The Star published "EconSAVE", not true ... its EconJAYA!)
Add: Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Port Klang
Opening hours: 8pm - 11:30pm (Closed on Sundays)

Confidently and very promptly making the Tong Yuen, this girl and her dad, who have been operating here for over 20 years. The "coloured strings" are to denote peanut (red) or sesame (green) if you ta-pow them home!

Tong Yuen (RM$1 a bowl of 2 balls, this is a steal for a bit of heaven!) with a choice of either filling:
(1) Crushed peanut
(2) Chee Mah / Black sesame
And you even have a choice of either Ginger syrup or Palm syrup broth!

I was intrigued by what I thought was a large tong yuen, turned out to be a Hainanese cake called "Bek Tak Buak". RM$0.50 each for a plainboiled dumpling (minimum order of two), eaten with fragrant grated coconut whichis cooked in palm sugar, ground peanuts and sugar.

BEWARE! This stall seriously doesn't get along with the nearby Kon Loh Mee stall, if you choose to only eat Tong Yuen make sure you sit on the SQUARE TABLES, whilst Kon Loh Mee only serves their noodles on the ROUND TABLES!


CUMI & CIKI said...

Alamak, i just posted a comment and lost it.

Hello! Thanks for all your comments and sorry iv been MIA - work!

Tong Yuen is one of my favs - especially if the ginger soup stings my throat.. if no sting, no good;D

boo_licious said...

ah, this place is famous. Must make a trip down and try it. I love this whole area - great eats all over the place with the mee goreng and air buah.

Julian Si said...

Air buah and Mee Goreng!? Please let me know WHERE WHERE WHERE :-)

Hmmm... You are quite the expert with the local P/Klang scene!!

Yup, well worth the trip for these magical tong yuens! Kon Loh Mee ain't bad too...

yiiming said...

i think the air buah that Boo mentioned is the lorry stall near to Clinic Dr. Soosay, near Public Bank in Jln Berangan........try the air buah with freshly squeezed OJ