Monday, March 16, 2009

Manado, Lembeh - Diving Pante Parigi

This was the site I was hoping to see my FIRST flamboyant cuttlefish on this trip, alas there was over-expectation and it was not to be found ... close to de-co! Eeep! A very deep third dive of the day, hmmm.

Site: Pante Parigi
Stats: 4.12pm, 52 mins, 20.1m deep
Critters: Decorated crab, featherstar shrimp, robust ghost pipefish (A pair of them), thornback cowfish, hingeback shrimps...

Common and rare nudi's!

Master of camouflage...

A cool crab!

Robust ghost pipefish ... darn difficult to shoot!
Mantis shrimp in hiding ... what huge eyes!

Hmm ... who do we have here!? Fire-y red!

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