Monday, July 14, 2008

Tim Sum @ Jaya Palace, near Menara Axis, PJ

Add: Jaya Palace Restaurant @ Ground Flour Wisma LYL, 12 Jalan 51A/223, PJ.
Located: A few blocks away from Menara Axis, on the road perpendicularly opposite Asia Jaya / Armada Hotel
Tel: +603 7968 2000

Excellent char-siew and the rest of the tim sum was pretty good too ... but I was simply so distracted by the fact that fifteen of my friends SURPRISED me with a birthday lunch :-) So sweet of them!

Xiu Loong Bao ... good. But the skin was a little too thin, and it kept tearing! The noodles were good... slurp!

Dish of the day!
Sang Chow Loh Mai Lap Mei Fan (RM24)
In English ... Wok fried glutinous rice, this was simply EXQUISITE!! Chris and I think its the best 'commercially available' lap mei fan ... ever!

Thanks to Kelvin for the very kind pressie ... a Roast goose air-flown and hand-carried back from China! It was darn good!!!

Yum ... dessert time!

ps - Here's a full list of what we savoured!
Steamed dumplings 'Har Kao', RM$6.80
Siew Mai, RM$6.30
Char siew Bao, RM$6
Xiao Loong Bao, RM$6
Chicken feet, RM$5
Beancurd skin roll, RM$6.80
Yam paste 'Woo kok', RM$6.30
Carrot cake (Fried), RM$8
Siew Yoke (Roast pork), RM$14
Char siew, RM$18
Dumpling chilli, RM$8.50
Loh Mai Fan - THE BEST! ... RM$36
Century egg porridge, RM$7.80
Fish head, RM$10
Fried noodles (XO sauce I reckon), RM$48

And the desserts ...
Egg tart, RM$4.80
Red bean paste, RM$5
Almond cream, RM$5
Mango Sago, RM$8

The total damage came up to RM$38 per person, decent price for such a nice restaurant, good service, and excellent food!

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Anonymous said...

Was there last night for a reunion dinner...
Very rude and unhelpful waiter and waitresses
So so food
Even found a COCKROACH in our shark's fin soup.
Only thing 5 star here is the price