Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don Diego - 4 Perlas Cigars

Good value at under RM$20 per cigar. An easy puff :-)

Cigar.com - Don Diego cigars have been around for over a generation and today are rolled in the Dominican Republic. It is made by Altadis USA, makers of such brands as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and Trinidad.
Don Diego’s central component is its Connecticut shade grown wrapper that is silky and smooth making the cigar very mild with virtually no finish.
The Don Diego is the perfect cigar for those enthusiasts who don’t want a lot of body or an overbearing flavor. By all measures it is exactly what one would expect from a smooth Dominican cigar and it is fairly strait forward on the palate.
The brand has a lot of history and is considered a classic. Taste the lighter side of the Dominican Republic with a Don Diego.


-eiling- said...

so are you a cigar aficionado? However, after a few dominicans, I still prefer the Cubans.

Julian Si said...

Hi! thanks for the feedback ... no lah, I am but a newbie.

At present, I prefer the "little cigars" eg Davidoff Primero, rather then the full length fellas!

ps - Nice CHOCOHOLIC blog :-)