Monday, September 01, 2008

Yu Jia Village Seafood - Tim Sum in Imbi, KL

Add: Yu Jia Village Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Barat, off Jalan Imbi, KL
Tel: +603 2143 9966

Yam crisps ... hmm, nice!

Char siew pao and Loh Mai Kai were really delicious!

I liked the siew mai and deep fried brinjal.

Average timsum fare ...

Again ... so average.

Custard bun ... Uh, I didn't like it!

The truly dissapointing dishes!

And ... the one I didn't even try!

Time for desserts ... most were average, but the herbal jelly (gwai lin goh) was terrible, as was the starchy and overly-firm mango pudding.

Here's what the restaurant is most famous for ... its seafood. Including some very rude and strange looking geoducks!
Overall, I wasn't impressed by the timsum served at Yu Jia, but at least it was good value, ended up costing each of us (9 pax) RM$27.70 a person.


fatboybakes said...

how disappointing...sum more it looks quite good in the photos. by the way, i am amazed, its only sept 2nd, and you have like 6 posts on various places. and in august, u have 174 posts (okay, minus the non food ones...STILL!)...gosh, you must eat out VERY often huh! my see fooo!!!!

boo_licious said...

Guess I'll give this place a miss. btw, I had the golden sand bun at ducking - damn dissapointing stuff.

Julian Si said...

Fatboybakes, thanks thanks thanks :-) On eating out so often, I think I'm gonna get a new bank loan!!

Boo_licious ... You should! I agree with the WELL OVER RATED golden sand bun at DucKing, check out my write-up on

CUMI & CIKI said...

good to know! i won't be eating here.. (i thought most things in imbi area are "Pang & Lang" - cheap and good.. i guess not ALL