Saturday, September 06, 2008

Goose from Guangzhou China and delicious home made desserts

Bro K prepared a very special dinner for the ten of us this weekend ... Here is the result of his magnificent efforts! Cheers bro :-)

Roast Goose from Guangzhou, China - Hand carried to Malaysia with love!

"Fung Lot" chicken

Really smooth Yam Cake

Stir fried veges

Siong Tong Lah Lah

Various desserts, including a sublime tiramisu!

Chee Mah Woo ... Painstakingly hand-ground by Bro K. Damn good effort!

Professional coffee :-) but of course!

Maison de Kukla - Japanese biccies which Bro K brought back from Singapore. Damn good!

Very dark chocolate sweety ... good stuff!

Limoncello from Milan, Italy ... So good!

d'Arenberg Dead Arm 2002 - A really easy drinking and smooth Shiraz.


CUMI & CIKI said...

goose all the way from china.. hand carried no less.. you sure are loved:D
mmmm... goose looks so good .. i can almost taste it!

Julian Si said...

Haha, thanks. I know I am :-)

Yah ... the goose is par magnificent!!

fatboybakes said...

jules verne, i'd say airflown goose (yes, the goose was dead therefore couldnt fly itself here) trumps locally bought and prepared rib roast lar.... yalar, such love. so we arent quite even....u still ahead. is that guanzhou goose as good as the hong kong one? and that ciki just had foie gras and my, arent we all living it up.

Jackson said...

coffexx coffee....