Friday, September 19, 2008

How does one tell a good Kon Loh Mee from a great one?

My dissection of one of my favourite foods, Kon Loh Mee!

1) The noodles - Crinkly and firm, but not too hard. Must never be soggy!
2) The sauce - Just enough sweetness, but not over the top ... a delicate balance
3) The char siew - Not too much "red" colouring, and has just enough 'roasted' taste.
4) The wan tan - Delicate skin, but don't expect "gourmet tim sum" quality, be practical, this is a simple dish!
5) Finally - The acid test ... If you ta-pow it home, such as what I did below, and it is still good, it can be classified as REALLY GOOD!

This ... is a really good kon loh mee aka wan tan mee. SLURRRRPilicious!

Please click here for details of location and my previous reviews of Indiana Kon Loh Mee, along Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang (Not far from La Salle Klang).

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