Saturday, September 20, 2008

Honda Civic 1.8S - Malaysia

The Honda Civic 1.8S is a common sight in Malaysia, but I still think it looks real good for a "stock" car, reliable, comfy and sophisticated interior which is also well-built, has a nice ride, decent pricing, and demonstrates great re-sale values ... This must be a Honda!

Engine: 1.8-litre SOHC i-VTEC

(Correction 6th Jan 2009)
Economy: 11.9 kilometers per litre (km/l) from
or, 10 km/l according to a reader who kindly left a comment on this post.

Engine Type: 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve, SOHC i-VTEC
Fuel Supply System: PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Displacement (cc): 1,799
Maximum Power [PS (kW) / rpm]: 140 (103) / 6,300
Tyre Size: 205 / 55 R16

Restrained and practical, but confident styling on both the front and rear ...


Anonymous said...

hey jules,

just curious, where'd you get the number from? seems wayy too good to be true... it's more like 1/3 of it... 10km/L...

Economy: 35.8 kilometers per litre (km/l)

Julian Si said...

Oops should be 35.8 mpg (miles per gallon!) ... My mistake. You are probably right, that with mixed town+highway driving, one is unlikely to better 10 to 11 km/litre.

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

ah, now it all makes sense! thank you julian! I've been enlightened! I see this so often but never thought bout it in the form of 'mpg'.. always thinking to myself geez, how did they come up with that number!

Yes, it's about 10/11 km/L as per my experience.. but with more city driving it's more towards 8/9 km/L...

cheers! :-D

Norirman said...

HI ju..
Just booked mine 1.8 civic.Would appriciate if you could help to confirm with this detail/feature :
-Does it have autolock door feature
-Rear seat can it be fold down like 2.0
-How does the cabin sound when driving at a h/way.
-Does the radio volume will auto increase when u increase ur car speed.This feature is available for 2.0.


Julian Si said...

Hi Norirman,

Hmmm ... I haven't driven this fella for a long time now, so the following answers are simply from memory!

1) Don't think so
2) I have never tried to, the boot is usually plenty big enough
3) Good sound insulation, perhaps poorer then an Altis though, but overall the Civic certainly trumps the Altis!
4) Hmmm ... I don't think so!

Best you wait for your new delivery :-) to find out ... ENJOY!

norirman said...

:) thanks 4 ur info...