Saturday, September 13, 2008

Peng Heong Hakka Pai Kut (Pork Ribs), Lorong Gudang Nanas Klang

Drove over to Klang today to what was a legendary pork rib stall, that has moved to "proper" premises ... Hmm, hope I manage to find it! Not too difficult to find, near the new Klang masjid (mosque) which looks like it is still under construction, near Goldcourse Hotel, and opposite the famous eatery Song River .

Add: No.2, Lorong Gudang Nanas, off Jalan Pasar, Klang
Tel: +6019 2600 855

Look at this ... It was only early this year, when the stall was still located near the old Klang Bus Stand, and look at what it has transformed into ... The new Peng Heong Hakka Paikut opened about Feb-March 2008.

I was hoping that the food quality hadn't deteriorated ... but I doubt there was chance of that, when I saw how many patrons were in the shop late one morning! Brings back memories when I saw many people ordering tall bottles of soyabean and barley.

The pork chop, whilst slightly fatty, was marinated beautifully and brought back memories of yesteryear, it is as good as it ever was! BRAVO!

Put a splash of their home made chilli sauce, as well as some thick black sauce, on the succulent pieces of pork ribs, and it will certainly bring a smile to your face!

Along with one hot barley, my plate of (slightly oiled, nice flavour) rice and plate of "large" pork ribs (Wasn't so large, but enough for one!), came up to RM$7.50.

CONGRATULATIONS once again on a rags to riches story ... Well done to Chef Peng Heong!

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Mavis said...

Near the Store?

I ate before when it still near the old bas station. My friend brought me to there when I was junior 2. Kinda miss it!