Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival dinner at home

UPDATED! Heh heh, sorry for the wrong "season" ... Thanks to all who reminded me!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival :-) Steamed kampung chicken ... and Yanna fried chicken!

Two vege dishes ...

Looks like a chong-yue (Bawal or Pomfret), but it ain't ... that's RM$30/kilo, this fish is more like RM$80. Very meaty, very nice!

Yummmmmmy ... Goreng Pisang home-made!

Squeezed with loving care ... no wonder its so sweet! Orange Juice ala Home!


Kong Ming said...

Hi Julian,

Shouldn't this be Mid-Autumn Festival instead?

Keep it up! I do enjoy visiting your blog.

Aunty Yoke Mooi

dyson17 said...

Hello Julian,
Thanks for sharing your culinary journey.
I assume you meant mid Autumn festival?


fbb said...

mid summer? isnt it mid autumn? yummy, home made goreng pisang. is that golden pomfret?