Sunday, September 07, 2008

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa - Seafood

Add: 1354 Jalan Nipah, Lorong 4, Pandamaran, Port Klang
Tel: +603 3168 4451

This restaurant in Pandamaran, Klang serves consistent seafood and has been visited many a time by my friends and family too.

Tung Fun stir fried with chicken and fish cakes - RM$10 , a family favourite!

Stir fried Hong Kong kai lan - RM$8 , really good.

The masterpiece ... Salt Baked Prawns.. Yim Kuk Har. So fresh and very delicious @ RM$40.

AND ... the last dish ... Suin Lat (Sour and Hot) crabs ... duh ... they forgot to make it! So they gave us some jelly for our "trouble". Never mind, we were full, and at least the propietor was honest about it.


fatboybakes said...

hey, about 17 years ago, a klangite friend of mine brought us to this place in pandamaran i think, called BOON TAT....would you know if it still exists? hey, plan la a klang seafood outing for some food bloggers...

Julian Si said...

Wow, you have such a good memory!

Add: Boon Tat Seafood Restaurant @ 6, Jalan Soon Huat Jetty, Off Jalan Papan Pandamaran, Port Klang.
Tel: +603 3168 7116

Found 2 bloggers who have written about this ol' place ...


When I plan an outing here, you will most definitely get an invite!

fatboybakes said...

wow, you really are my see foo!! hahah, thanks.

Golf Video said...

Oh wow! That looks so delicious and has inspired me to go find something similar for lunch!