Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pasta de Gohan, by Waraku - Sunway Pyramid

As featured on Malaysian Today, September 2008!

Tel: +603 5621 8166
Located: LG2 is also known as the Blue Concourse, at the new wing of Sunway Pyramid, close to J&Co Donuts.

I had wanted to try out this interesting concept of a restaurant (Japanese pasta ... Hmm, tasty!?) for a while and finally had the chance to this week.
Pasta de Gohan by Waraku originated from Singapore, where Waraku originally served pure Japanese cuisine. It then spun off the "Pasta de Waraku" concept in Singapore last year, following which the first "Pasta de Gohan" was opened in Malaysia in May 2008.

The atmosphere is pleasant and simple, as it is in most Japanese restaurants, and I couldn't keep my eyes away from the plastic 'model' food plates located all around the restaurant. Great way to decide what one eats!
What struck me immediately was how good Pasta de Gohan’s service was! Efficient, and always with a smile, and best of all was the speed of service, I don't remember waiting more then 10 minutes for our piping hot food to arrive!

A special promotion meant a free small dish of salad came with each mains course.

I chose the Bacon and cabbage with wafu tomato cream sauce (RM$19.80), which is a tomato cream sauce from bonito base. Mild tasting, not over-powering, and the spaghetti I chose was perfectly el-dente (or firm to the bite). The cabbage gave it a nice crunchy flavour whilst the bacon beef balanced off the dish very well.

My makan buddy had the Bacon and vegetables with japanese style tomato soup (RM$23.80), which is a soup pasta from bonito base. This had a strong colour and flavour, very appetising! Once again, one has a choice of spaghetti or fettucchine, and we chose the former. The portions are just enough for one, but left me wanting more!

For just under RM$48, we enjoyed a nice meal, that was slightly out-of-the-ordinary, and they didn't even charge us for the water. I look forward to returning soon, the carbonaras look inviting, as does the "hamburg" (Is this Japanese for hamburger!) ... I can't wait!

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