Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malaysian Today - Pasta de Gohan, Sunway Pyramid

As featured in the local paper, MALAYSIAN TODAY.

My second write-up is titled "Japanese Pasta, anyone", featuring Pasta de Gohan, Sunway Pyramid.


fatboybakes said...

see foo, excuse my ignorance, what paper is this ah? where does one get a copy?

Julian Si said...

Hi dude!

www.malaysiantoday.com.my (not to be mistaken with the "political" dunno-what-wing publication) is a youth newspaper, given out free in various areas across PJ-KL, I have seen it at Burger Kings (including the one at Sri Hartamas).

Cheers :-) Friday's nearly here!

fatboybakes said...

yes, yes, very misleading, but for a single N that distinguishes itself from the political namesake.