Thursday, September 18, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Episode 2 (Vietnam)

This is the 2nd episode of the Amazing Race Asia 3. It was aired on AXN in Malaysia, at 09:00pm - 10:30pm on 18th September 2008, and I am so hooked ...

The race started at the Mae Khong Pong (Flight of the Gibbon) near Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was soon followed by a paintball challenge at the Banana Plantation. The teams then had to travel to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where they went to the Saigon Opera House and played a Nokia N92 challenge at the Saigon Pho Cafe.

Always eye-candy ... Philippines' Tisha Silang, who struggled with a rather energetic, hot and gruelling episode, with Geoff Rodriguez.

The Beauty Queens, Pailin & Natalie. Did you know ... Natalie (Miss Universe 2005) is married to Thai tennis superstar, Paradorn Srichaphan? They provided the drama in this 2nd episode, with a breakdown ... "I can't sleep like this ... blah blah ... I am dirty ... blah blah ... moan moan!"

Mediocre once again, the "second" Malaysian pair of ... Ida Nerina & Tania Khan (who are an Actress & Heiress respectively).

The second episode concluded at the Museum of Vietnamese history, but not before they had to complete a Singha beer sponsored task (USD$500) to do a charitable task with a group of their choice. This occured at the Thang Nanh Jeanne D'Arc Vang Nan Church, where the teams bought supplies as well as donated them to various organisations.

Victorious ... Malaysia Boleh! Henry and Bernie Chan.
The prize? Free fuel from Caltex for a year, wow!

Last by quite a mile ... Korean bros, William and Isaac Hong.


Calvin said...

It's a long episode. Took me a long time to finish my recap. You might want to check it out on my blog.

Henry and Bernie did a good job!

Anonymous said...

I do not like the Philippine team, especially Geoff. He showed a lot of disrespect for the locals with the blowing of that whistle. Rude. He's like a college age fraternity buffoon. What an idiot.

Christy said...

Yeah, I saw their interview on the breakfast show last week (with a brief recap of their experience).
Ida mentioned that it's always easy to sit in front of the tv and comment how people should do this and that, but when you're in it, haha...that's where you realize it's not so easy.
Classic statement:p

And Henry and Bernie was cool...she still looks pretty from all that racing around! Amazing:)

Julian Si said...

Calvin - Thanks for sharing your detailed write up!

Anonymous - I have to agree about Geoff and his lack of respect :-( But I guess it makes for "good tv"!

Christy - I am not a big fan of the Ida-Tania team! But once again, they make for good tele! Haha, you are right about Bernie looking pretty...