Saturday, September 06, 2008

Imperial Poh Leh, The Wellness Group TWG

Seems this is one of the finest poh lehs money can buy :-) as introduced by Bro K.

This is what a brew of Imperial Poh Leh looks like ... dark, strong, but when it dribbled onto my pallet, I was surprised how mild and smooth it was. No strong after-tastes, no bitterness, just pure heaven. The 3rd and 4th brews are the best, whilst the 1st brew has to be poured away to wash off teh tea leaves.

Add: TWG Tea Company @ 61 Kim Yam Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6733 7997

TWG Tea Company Pte Ltd implies a long history of perpetual exploration and creativity…
Offering over 500 teas from 36 different countries including countless exclusive teas all hand blended in Singapore, TWG Tea has one of the largest selections in the world. We create daring and exclusive blends, using the most fragrant flowers and fruits from Europe, the most exotic spices, and only the finest, single estate teas from remote and mysterious regions of the world.
Currently, TWG Tea manages two tea salons and restaurants in Singapore.

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