Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peng Heong Hakka Pai Kut - Assam fish, pork balls, choy keok in Klang

Add: 2, Lorong Gudang Nanas, off Jalan Pasar, Klang
Tel: +6019 2600 855

I have started coming to this rags to riches eatery rather regularly! Another trip to Klang, this time with my golf kaki, just to enjoy the "pai kut" here.

Yes, between the 2 of us, we ordered THREE pieces of pai kut. How greedy! First piece was "standard" fare with the gravy, but had the next 2 sans gravy. Good as well!
Tip! Must eat with the yummy chilli sauce, and some black sauce as well.

Aunty at the shop recommended the fried pork balls ... Very good!

Assam fish - A little too boney, but still good.

Choy keok - Sour veges in a Claypot. I like this!

ps - Total bill was RM$40 , ouch ... but we did have 1 soya bean, and 2 barleys on top of all the food above ... YUMMY!

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jeaniie said...

You should try their pork-knuckle-vinegar. Marvelous!