Monday, September 29, 2008

Tang House of Fishball, PJ

Pork-free? Want a healthy-ish meal, and in a hurry? Look no further then ... Tang House of Fishball.

Simple fish-ball soup, and crunchy noodles served with some minced chicken and onion oil. Check out those large pieces of fish-cakes.

What confuses me about this place ... It goes by so many different names!
Tang House of Fishball, Damansara Utama
Teow Chew 60s Fishball, Seapark PJ
Hainanese Taste Tien Pin Mee Pok, SS2 PJ


Christy said...'s totally fishy!!
They have one in Menjalara, Kepong too....something with the name Teo Chew fishballs too:p

mimid3vils said...

huh, so many name?

Julian Si said...

Yah lah ... anyone has any idea? FISHY!! Hahaa...