Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tea For Two, Jalan Bangkung @ Bangsar

As featured on Malaysian Today, 18th September 2008!

Nice layout and al-fresco garden area at Tea for Two, located along Bukit Bandaraya off Bangsar. I had driven past this establishment many a time, as well as frequenting neighbouring eateries such as ... U serving Japanese , Opus serving Italian , and Cava serving tapas .

Add: 57 Jalan Bangkung, Off Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, KL
Tel: +603 2095 3739

No charge for 2 simple but warm slices of Garlic Bread ... followed by a Cobb Salad (RM$21.90) that was large enough to be shared by two.

Always the sign of a good restaurant
... when a restaurant can customise a dish for the client. We chose the cod to replace the salmon, over a nice bed of salad which included avocado and rocket. The cod just melted in my mouth, bravo! RM$49.90.

Tarragon Chicken (RM$28.90) - This was recommended by the staff at the restaurant, seems it is one of their signature dishes. Heavily infused with tarragon, a lovely herb, and served in a cream sauce that bordered on being too salty. Was surprised that the potatoes were not consistent, some of the roasted potatoes were nice and tender whilst others seemed like they hadn't been boiled long enough. Nevertheless, a decent dish.

Ice Cream and Banana pudding (RM$12.80) - Lovely end to the meal, delicious!

Eau Claire water at RM$2 a bottle was reasonably priced, and the total charge of RM$142 was slightly on the pricey side (The Cod skewed the total!) but you do get friendly service, a nice relaxed ambience with not many other diners, and decent food.

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dufffader said...

Talking about garlic bread, very rarely do restaurants in Malaysia do good garlic bread... good baguette, butter (now, now, not margarine), garlic, and grill it in oven top heat till crispy, and serve right away. Down with all these soggy garlic breads that has plenty of stuff on it!!!