Sunday, August 10, 2008

Klang's finest Kon Loh Mee aka One Tonne Mee, Indiana Cafe

Located: Along Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, which is the main artery that leads from Klang towards Port Klang. Head along the road, pass La Salle School on the left, and start looking out on the right... Refer to more details in my previous review

Whilst waiting (One learns about the virtue of being patient when eating here!), we observed the interesting rapport between husband and wife (more like wife and husband) who operate this stall.

Yay... our food arrived. Took something like 35 minutes, which is OK considering that it was Sunday morning breakfast time in Klang, and most tables were full of waiting patrons when we arrived!

There isn't much I haven't raved about at this place ... so I shall just say that even mum thought it was marvellous!! Dad simply loves the noodles here, crinkly and of a delightful 'springiness'.

ps - Pricing is simple ... and well, CHEAP! Kon Loh Mee (Or Wan Tan Mee, or One Tonne Mee) is RM$4 for a large portion, and an additional Wan Tan Soup is RM$3.50. The former is actually served with a small bowl of the later mentioned soup, with at least 5 wantans inside (really generous!).

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