Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pangkor Village - Pang Kor Fish Head Curry, Taman Megah PJ

This is a rather old establishment, that has redone itself (and relocated) a couple of times, I used to be a HUGE fan of this place (my family too - We even went to the original outlet in SS2 back in the 80s, and followed them all the way to Taman Megah SS24), but it has somehow lost its charm and flavour ever since it moved 'upstairs'. I hadn't been there for years, this was my return visit!

Add: 59, Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah, PJ
Tel: +603 7803 6577

Pangkor Fish Head Curry - Their signature dish. Too salty! Good flavour, but I was surprised how salty it was, didn't remember it to be so in the past?

Kam Heong La La - Good, Honey glazed Soya Sauce Chicken - Hmmm, has the flavour changed?

Again ... stir fried veges (Yau Mak and String beans), which wasn't much to shout about.

This was rather decent ... Petai with Prawns, and the Minced Meat Tofu was enjoyed by all.

Highlight of the meal, was surprisingly the very thick and flavoursome Kwai Lin Goh (Herbal Jelly).

Overall, I was dissapointed. Was it my taste buds which had changed ... or has the food really deteriorated. I would go back at dinner time one day to check it out once again ... hmm! has a good history lesson!
WHEN the Tan family moved to Petaling Jaya from Pangkor Island in the early 1980s to open a restaurant in SS2, they were armed with good recipes, determination and a strong knowledge of seafood.
Their establishment did not become popular until they shifted to Taman Megah in 1999 and renamed in Pangkor Fish Head Curry.
Tan Senior is helped by his wife, son Tan Kim Soon, the head chef, and two daughters. Together they make quite a good team
Specialties :
Assam curry fish head ... Fried crab kam heong style ... Honey chicken ... Prawns fried with black sauce ... Fried home-made seafood taufu ... Lala fried kam heong style ... Crabs fried with salted eggs ... Fried prawns with petai ... Fried crispy sotong ... Steamed "double shell" crabs (double shell crabs are those that are about to molt or shed their old shell while the new layer is still soft; seasonal).

ps - J wanted to show me his ... mobile phone!

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